Thursday, March 16, 2006

happy feet yesterday! these were finished a couple of weeks ago.

sad sock that will be ripped (i don't like the blip of gold at the top of the cuff).

crazy zags all over! sock is almost finished.

and butterfly has her wings and no sleeves.

the theme song from sanford & son just popped into my head. hmmm ..... must be that giant collar. now, if i were a good knitter, i would go ahead and start sewing the sleeves onto butterfly. if only ....

but i've had summer knitting on the brain lately. i want to knit with cotton and hemp. i want to try my hand at a top down sweater with the help of babs. i discovered in my stash yesterday, what might be enough for a long sleeve v-neck pullover, bunches of hanks of classic elite rockland cotton. its gauge is 4sts/inch, and it's a rich dark brown. yummy!

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Lolly said...

Lovely socks everywhere I look! and *PINK* ;)

Oh Butterfly - so close! She is a beauty! I have been thinking a lot of about summer knits too - tanks in cotton. I have not tried hemp yet, but it sure looks enticing!

Have a happy weekend!