Friday, March 17, 2006

growing sleeve

growing sleeve

i almost forgot today is st. patrick's day, and the one day i can legitimately use this border!

i shot this a little earlier this afternoon, but i now have 11" of sleeviness knitted.

i usually knit a sleeve first when i'm making a sweater. i figure if i have gauge problems, i'd rather rip a sleeve vs. a sweater back. well, i was double checking my gauge earlier and confused the fool out of myself. the front side is what's pictured ... slipped knit stitches on a reverse stockinette fabric. essentially, it's a 1 x 3 rib. when i was measuring my gauge (again), i was measuring the wrong side of the fabric, which looks like all knit stitches (you just don't see that one slipped purl stitch, it gets lost because it's slipped). so, while i'm counting my stitches, i'm not really counting all the stitches, just the visible stitches. so, i had a slight panic attack. slight. dork!

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