Sunday, March 12, 2006

how many bags does a girl need? hmmm .... it would be nice to say this was a stash buster project, but no, it was fresh yarn. i couldn't resist. these handles are slightly smaller than my bamboo handles of the first bag, but this dark brown rattan looks nicer with the yarn. if i make another, it will be with stash yarn. really! by the way, the yellow bag has been working nicely as a small knitting project bag. i actually carried around this bag in progress with the yarn, and yarn for some socks.
i finished these socks when i went to my parents to babysit last week. i've been meaning to cast on for the mates. i'm thinking i will work them at the same time too, on two different sets of dpns (pinky sock uses size 1's and melon sock uses 3mm needles). oh, and the strapaz melon socks is colorway 127!
i went to the craft stores yesterday after work. i had my coupons of the week inhand, with the intention of buying some crochet hooks for mom. well, when i got to the first store i spotted this book i've been wanting for awhile ... and i put the crochet hook back on the wall. i did get her a crochet hook from the next store (probably because they didn't have any books i wanted?).

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