Wednesday, March 22, 2006

rowan's vintage knits book

this arrived at my doorstep yesterday. i was amazed that my postal person actually left the box on the porch vs. leaving me a slip to pick it up at the postal annex. there are some really nice designs in here. i do love rowan!

pretending to have a sweater

i have about 6 or so inches of the body of claudia knitted. though the knitting is fast, the progress is sloooooooowww. i'm still on gauge (7 sts/inch) too! don't be deceived by the picture, as i've only knitted those few inches of the body starting at the bottom hem. i just laid the sleeves, folded in half, to get an idea of how it's going to look finished. it's going to look lovely :)

i have not totally neglected my albany otto. i'm actually thinking i will take a break from these size 3 needles and work on otto with the 6's. and butterfly? she's still armless! i'm too lazy to pin the sleeves on to check for length.

laundry day

parting shot ... washing socks in the shower!


pinky said...

While the Vintage Knits book is indeed lovely, surely you agree that the cover model has got a crazy-crazy look on her face. Like she's about to pee on you or something.

gray la gran said...

maybe he just pee'd on her! but she has to stand still for the photo ....