Sunday, March 19, 2006

perpetually in love


i'm so anxious for some summer knitting, that i'm easily seduced by cotton right now. this is the newest crush ... claudia from rowan magazine 31. i don't know what it is about this sweater. maybe it's the exotic model, maybe it's designed by one of my favorite rowan contributing designers, maybe it's the cool shoes this girl is wearing in the picture (yes, you must take a look at this magazine to see what i mean!). (how many of us knit things because we're seduced by the picture? wanting to be the model, wanting to be in that local ....?) so, i got the yarn yesterday, and knitted a sleeve this morning ... and now i am the envy of the blond hunched over in her saggy halter, enjoying a wonderful afternoon in the piazza ...see what i mean?!

sleeve stitches

both yarns are shades of navy blue. the sparkle yarn is rowan's lurex shimmer, and the cotton is jaeger's siena. the pattern calls for rowan's 4ply cotton, but it just does not have the lustre of siena. the body of the sweater will be altered, as i do not like it's shaping. i might knit sleeve #2 tonight, or i might knit on the albany sleeve, or both.

yeah! more socks!

hey, i have some new socks to wear! yippy! though they're not a perfect match, they're still very pretty. they make me think of watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe. summer flavors of a wooly sock....

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pinky said...

damn you! now i will have to knit a lurex/cotton top as well. damn you!