Wednesday, March 29, 2006

felted sushi

felting sushi

the top two on the left were not felted when the photo was taken, but they're all felted now. i'm impatient, so i felted by hand, in the sink. i don't think i will be doing that again, as my hands feel a bit raw and can't seem to be quenched with all the lotion i keep slathering on them. i still have to sew the wallet together before felting, but will likely felt by (someone's) machine!

yep, that's butterfly in the background. she makes a wonderful backdrop. she's still drying ....


Devil to the Kitty said...

Oooo, super cute! I might need that other sushi kit, mmhmmm....

kmckiernan said...

That sushi kit is so cute and unique I haven't seen anything like it!

painter girl said...

I love the sushi! they are really neat. I want to see Butterfly though. I am so curious I can barely wait.

Anonymous said...

You've been busy...
There's lots of really cool stuff on your blog.
Once upon a time someone gave me the bug for hand knitted socks and a sweather that I can only wear when it's -20.
I just started knitting again... so I've been visiting lots of yarn shops and touching.
Hopefully I won't put it down again this time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Agent Grey,

Just got back today from Cologne show (Jill Carroll was on my plane from Frankfurt - but they whisked her off as soon as we landed - lots of press waiting in vain.) At least the State Dept. gave her an upgrade! Her freedom has made this such a good vibe week.

Saw some really cool Opal sock colors being introduced - you should have fun this year.

Now, gotta get the house brand to start innovating.

Loved the butterfly. Glad you and Pinky had a good time with Debbie S. So cool.

And the sushi's a purse? Wow

take care,

pinky said...

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to harass you for a new post! New post!

Off to Carrburritos! Ta ta!

Kittykittykitty said...

OH MY GOD. A post from Katie Kureyon herself! And all I have to say is that I finally remembered to bring that wee pattern in, and it's safe and sound in the back of GY :p

Anonymous said...

Dear Agent Grey,

I need a directory of who's who

is kitty, kitty, kitty also Onyx Divine?

I get soooo confused.

Will unhook antenna and use special materials to pack for safety.

Take care, Katie K.