Thursday, March 23, 2006

knitting theory

i always thought it would be fun to teach a class called theoretical knitting 101. we could all sit in a group and talk about the what if's of knittings. "what if i went up a needle size on the lower body, but used the smaller needle on the bodice ... what if the raglan decreases run out before the sleeve cap is finished ... what if ....?"

what is this all about? it's about butterfly! i've come to the conclusion that my knitting on claudia is so painfully slow, and my knitting of otto seems even slower, because i have not finished butterfly. never mind that claudia is knitted with fingering wt. cotton on size 3's and that otto has a crazy pattern of wrapped/slipped/dropped stitches, it's all about the butterfly curse.

so, i've commited myself to finish little miss butterfly asap. i tried her on (again), and am having trouble deciding how much i need to shorten the sleeves. i think 1/2" would be enough, maybe 1" would be too much. i called dr. meilenweit to confer. the doctor said to bring it to knitting tonight, and we will get a second and third opinion. in the meantime, i'm petting another of colorway of albany, trying to hush it's knit me cries.

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pinky said...

My personal "what if" right now involves my Jaywalkers and a pair of scissors... what if the two met and did an elaborate tango? A waste of yarn money, but it would please me so much. THEY DON'T FIT!!