Sunday, March 26, 2006

knitting plethora !

ripped sleeve caps

after consulting with my knitting girlfriends, we decided that my sleeves could stand to loose about an 1". today i finally ripped back and reknitted the caps of little miss butterfly. i had told myself that it would be quick. reknitting sleeve caps should be fast, as it's all decreases. but, it did take longer than i thought it would. that could be because i was watching a movie during the process.

what sucks about sundays ... there's nothing to watch on tv! i only own about 3 dvds, and a few more vhs tapes. today's entertainment as i knitted the noro? ... one of my all time favorite movies, same time, next year. i have seen this film countless times, and each time i watch it, it's like it's the first time all over again (though, i can quote it like i do steel magnolias.) some things never get old with me.

i think what i like so much about these films is that they're so dialogue driven. no special effects and glitz, just solid intelligent conversation.

a brief sewing interjection ... of course i'm going to have to make a skirt, a loooong skirt, to wear with butterfly. sometimes the sweater is not finished with just blocking and sewing in the ends.

okay, on with the knitting ....

summer tweed ghost

it's not that i have a thing about sleeves, it just makes the most sense to knit that part first incase of gauge issues. so, i have another sleeve knitted, on another sweater . in my defense, this sweater is what i'm considering my no brainer project, as it's knitted on size 8's, in plain stockinette, with simple shaping. this is humbug from rowan magazine number 37. the yarn is summer tweed, in a new shade called ghost. ghost looks like bleached out driftwood with blips of pale lavender and blues. i like humbug's peek-a-boo styling, and i could not resist this new shade of summer tweed. though, i want to go ahead and start the sweater front, i'm trying to stay on task and finish butterfly. trying. intend to ...

i also spoiled myself with a little treat yesterday.

sushi to go

... soooooo cute! the little kit is by pick up sticks, and has three options to knit. i'm going for the design in the on the left, as it looks like tuna!

wallet design options in kit


socks ... what's a posting w/o socks?! i love my handknit socks. i almost wear them exclusively during the colder months. and yes, i've been on a kick of washing them in the shower with me each morning. today i washed my mountain color's bearfoot socks . their colorway is rosehips, deep reds. they seriously bleed everytime i wash them. i never realized this until they took a shower with me, and the bottom of the tub turned red and pink. i called mountain colors, and they said they could not stop some of the colors from bleeding. they had tried vinegar and lots of other methods. they suspected it had something to do with the superwash process. when i first knitted these socks, they were my favorites! i was an absolute bearfoot convert in the world of sock yarn options. but now, not so much. they do feel great, they were a pleasure to knit, but they bleed when washed and the mohair has fuzzed up quite a bit, obliterating the nice checkerboard cable pattern i knitted them with.

not that this has anything to do with the yarn pictured above. up above is some yarn i ordered from elann. i ordered four 100 gram balls of regia cotton yarns. i tell you what, when some things go up for sale on elann, it's like a feeding frenzy. some of the colorways sold out in minutes! i will finish my pinky stripes socks before i start knitting with this fresh yarn! i think mom will like the blue yarn. too bad she'll have to wait.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that your mother should wait too long for "the blue ones".....kind of like she waits for you to change your pictures on your blog.

gray la gran said...

mommie dearest (aka: anonymous),
you should always know that your are first on my list as a handknit sock recipient! when i finish my pinky stripes, i will tear that ballband off the blue sock yarn and knit up a pair for you :)

pinky said...

Wow, that "anonymous" chick is pushy!! She probably has a very strong-willed daughter to contend with, and make monkeys for.

It's too bad your Bearfoot yarn is bleeding; mine hasn't. But I don't shower with mine...

<3 second-in-line for socks!