Sunday, March 05, 2006


on friday, when the kids were in school, i took some time out to watch a dvd and knit on butterfly. when home visiting, i often hang out in the formal living room, as there's no kid stuff in there, thus, no kid interest ... quiet.

knitting sanctuary at parent's house

and, i finished knitting all my pieces!

butterfly pieces finished

they still need to be washed and blocked, but i didn't think to bring home my wool wash.

um, okay, my pictures were not suppose to look like that, and i don't know how i got a snowy scene in the second photo. bizarre, i've never even seen that snowy scene before .... let's try again.

on the toe on the gusset

i'm on the toe of the melon colored sock and started the gusset of the pinky stripes.

what's next? i might whipped out my crochet hook and chain on for this!

crochet handbag

this is from debbie stoller's new happy hooker book.
a friend of mine made one as a sample for my LYS and it was cute. she also emailed me some corrections for the pattern, so i should be able to make it look like the photo. i'm going to use some berroco cotton twist, and it's stash yarn from an abandoned project last summer.

cotton twist yarn

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Siri said...

That's pretty weird how your pictures came up the first time. I love both of those sock colorways. I did a bit of poking around looking for them Is the Strapaz one colorway number 127?
Your Butterfly is going to be incredible, too. That's one of my favorite Noro colorways.