Sunday, October 30, 2005

happy halloween!

i know! it's not halloween ... yet, but, i just could not wait! i finally put up my boo blinkers last night. they're on my backstairs porch (which, i use as my front door), and the lights are screwed into the light socket via an adapter. i think i'll have to leave these up through thanksgiving, as pumpkins make yummy pies ...

but, in my knitting world, i have been knitting (some)(not enough)(you see, i'm still unpacking ....). i was a good girl thursday night and cast on for the 2nd half of my backyards leaves scarf. though in the company of some crazy women, wine & wool, i managed to knit almost an entire balls' worth of motifs! (without mistakes!) seeeee .... !

i must get this finished! agent scarlett came by to visit me on friday, wearing hers! and mine? it's still on the needles! (the shame!)(knitters peer pressure)

and, in the panic of the spirit of the holiday, i must finish my curly spiral scarf! it's pumpkin orange! i think i will be knitting on this tonight .... this scarf is from the _scarf style_ book. i already knitted my summer version of this in cotton, and it chokes me. this one is my fall/winter version, in classic elite's miracle. (i like to call it mir-A-Kle) it's a wool/tencel blend, and a bit hairy, but not in a mohair kind of way hairy.

i also opened a bottle of wine tonight that i had planned on saving for when i have knitters over. but, i was low on provisions, so, i popped the cork! what's a girl to do? i've had that bottle stashed for more than a month! unlike wool/yarn, wine can go bad....

the internet/blogger/flickr are not cooperating with me tonight, so two more pictures are not here now ... maybe tomorrow. so, mom, watch out for your picture on my blog tomorrow! (you shouldn't email me pictures knowing i could make them public ;)

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