Tuesday, October 18, 2005

what gray la gran needs ....

gray la gran needs a team of committed people to pray for her.

gray la gran needs space pockets (Dr. Smith had them in a Lost in Space episode) which allows you to store things in another dimension and not have them clutter up ....

gray la gran needs no introduction.

gray la gran needs suggestions for dinner cruises.

gray la gran needs Tivo!!!

gray la gran needs bags of power for her six events.

gray la gran needs to refine her swatching skills.

gray la gran needs to be at her best so she can continue in her winning ways.

care to find out your needs? just google your "(your name) needs". i did my search sans alias, and found out that i really need things that wouldn't be proper to post here!

i'm also beginning to like this sweater a lot!

click me to go to her website!

but i really need to finish my sock, start the mate, finish the 1st half of my backyards leaves scarf, and ... lots of things!
it's another absolutely beautiful day here, and i'd love to spend the day outdoors, but i feel like %#@*! today. i wonder if this wonderful change in weather has put me under the weather.

1 comment:

pinky said...

1. You DO need TiVo. I'd be over all the time watching your tv, too.

2. You DO need to make that sweater. I can totally see you in it.