Tuesday, October 04, 2005

jiggidy - jig

i am home! (thanks to delta airlines ... they got me there, and back, with a slight inconvenience)

vermont or bust

i doubt i can do my trip justice with my report and photos, but, i will try ... we had a fabulous time in vermont. how much wool & wine can these women take? PLENTY!

kaleidoscope yarns visit

i think this yarn shop was stategically placed to delay us getting to the fairgrounds for the festival ... i mean, they have this tent sale once a year, on the opening day of the festival, knowing all the yarn & fiber lovers will drive by and see their sign! i knew we could go back later, so i was "good" and only bought two hanks of koigu for some socks. oooh! what control ... i wanted some cherry tree hill supersock and lorna's laces lace wt. mutlicolor, and some barefoot, and .... i just wasn't ready to buy up yarn, knowing i was heading to some place where things would be more unusual.

pinky in the sky with stars

oh, and they were unusual ! pinky is modeling some lovely handspun/hand-dyed wool from ____ (i forget)(she will have to tell). oh, this booth had such nice colors! i wanted so much of it, in all the colors, to make my own version of the flapjack throw from colinette's toast & marmalade book. the original is knitted with colinette's prism yarn and would cost about $300 ish to make. but, with even BETTER handspun/dyed, it would be less than half that! and prettier! this yarn was in this booth, right next to this guy ...


imagine the joy of browsing through some yarn, and looking up to see this face watching you! i did learn the differences between llamas and alpacas ... they look very similar while they're young, but as they grow older, you can see their characteristics easier. llamas have "banana" ears --- these ears that kinda curl towards each other, and their tails rise in a puff, as alpacas have a shorter muzzle with a knobby forhead and their tails slope downward. either way, they're both adoreable.

i also managed to finish (almost) my socks ...

happy toe

when i finished the first sock, i had 2" of koigu leftover. all i had left to do with this sock was 4 rounds of knitting and kitchner stitch. but, i just ran out. i think i have some other pale yellow in my stash somewhere though. it doesn't really bother me. i'm not sure why i ran out --- did my lace really guzzle that much yarn? were my balls of koigu shorter than the band said? are the knitting gods against me?
who knows, i'm planning/swatching for my next socks though.

olive landlord LOVES yarn

it's not that socks/toes should be sequenced with the appreciation of yarn (and it looks like they're getting a goooood sniff!) but, look at the yarn love ! olive landlord knows a good thing when she sees/feels/sniffs it! oh, she got this lovely hand-dyed fingering wool from another local yarnshop, and i wish i had some too!

i don't have the energy tonight to show it all, but i can say that this was a great trip --- good friends and very relaxing, and of course, fun. i've yet to unpack, and play with all my fresh yarn. i did complete one project already, while still in vermont. i bought some yarn and a pattern for some fingerless mitts from the green mountain spinnery. i knitted the pair starting yesterday, and wove in the ends today before boarding my first flight (which, pinky and i had to be paged for, "last call", as we were lost in knittinglandia). i'll post my goodies later. in the meantime, look at this ...

mtns. from plane

this was a view on the way home. i'm not sure of the location exactly, as to which stretch of mountains this is, but it's part of the appalachians ... and it made me want to be down there walking ....

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