Saturday, October 22, 2005

today was crafty coupon day! and, some things were on sale, so no coupon necessary! first stop, i went to jo-ann's fabric store with my 50% off coupon, and found in their mess of books something i just didn't expect to find in their store...

lucinda guy book

lucinda guy book inside

though i don't knit for kids (i'm a very selfish knitter), i do love the designs, motif charts, and the combination of knitting mixed with illustrations. the book features some critters to knit too.

i had also seen in the jo-ann sales flyer that they sell wool-ease thick & quick. this is the yarn glampyre is using for her latest design, the bulky green cabled cardigan. so, for around $20, i can have a quick knit sweater too!

wool ease thick & quick

i didn't have the intention of getting green, as i really do like the spice color. besides, i think green is my favorite color. (maybe, if i like this yarn, and i knit the sweater quickly, and the sale is still going on, and they still have the spice, and ....)

due to my knitting attention span, i've slowed down on my beautiful backyards leaves scarf. i did finish the first half though! i do like how the ends split for the two leaves, and i don't understand why that isn't photographed in the book --- as much as i love _scarf style_, i sure don't like their photography.

backyard leaves scarf points

what do i need to do? i need to cast on for my sock #2, and cast on for my second scarf 1/2, ... but i want to play with my new stuff!

oh, and on what did i use my 50% a.c. moore coupon? perhaps it was this? yes, i could had bought _wrap style_, but i'm not a poncho girl.


D.Kitty said...

I love that book :)
I'm going to make the kitty and the mousies :p

Teresa C said...

I have recently seen that book and it is so cute. I am tempted to knit all of the animals for myself. Then I'll have to annex off part of my fiber room as a zoo.

pinky said...

I can't wait to flip through your copy of this book. I've never seen it before but it looks crazee cute!

I also have that complaint about the Scarf Style photography; it seems to ignore the scarves entirely. It makes me wonder "What is wrong with this scarf that they are trying to hide through selective soft-focus?"

I am about to split the leaf-ends for my second half... squeeee!!