Sunday, October 23, 2005

progress on my newest addiction

i stayed up into the wee hours last night, just wanting to get to a stopping point i could accept (finishing the first ball of yarn for the project). i did have some problems with the pattern, but after sending emails back and forth to ms. glampyre herself, she's cleared up the initial confusion. so, if anyone thinks they want to knit this baby, the first slipped stitch is not accounted for in the row-by-row instructions. meaning, for the smallest size, when it says to knit 9 (it's assuming you've already slipped the first stitch, and that the utimate stitch count for that section is 10 stitches). just FYI.

cabled cardi flat

cabled cardi close up

i slipped all my stitches off onto waste yarn so i could get the sucker flat and measure it. i know the fit is intended to be "fitted", but, i don't think i want all that bulk under my arms ... so, i'm stalled. i think i will do a couple more increases, but not to get it to the next size, and then maybe a couple of rows w/o increases, just to make sure i have enough clearance under the arms.

that's all for now. i need to be productive in the not-knitty way.


Saun said...

The sweater looks great so far. I really like that color.

pinky said...

Lovely! I too stayed up late playing with yarn, as I have for many nights recently. I'll admit, I've even gotten up early in order to play with yarn before worky work.

That green is going to look so good on you! I used the WE T&Q for the hat I made for Jeff from work, and he really likes it: says it's soft and warm, and I really liked working with it. (I made it with the spice color you cited earlier.)

Schmutzi Meilenweit said...

whoops, my frunkenhugen comment was supposed to be here; after all, I KNOW what a Noro cardi is.........

gray la gran said...

this is my frunkenhugen super bulky cardi from glampyre! dearest schmutzi, you must be like me and mostly look at the pictures and skip all the words!