Wednesday, October 05, 2005

some finished knits

with all the travel time, and just relaxing time, i finished my sockbug lacy scallops socks ... mostly. i did run out of yarn on sock #2, so i sat down last night with some leftover koigu from an old project, and finished my toe. the leftover koigu was a shade of yellow, pretty close to my sock, but i managed to find the length of yarn that really didn't have any yellow in it. so, it's sort of bluish. oops. i'm not changing it. (lazy knitter)

be sure to move mouse over photo

as i knitted my socks, i used my handy dandy yarn bracelet. ms. pinky and i had lots of looks and questions about this as we walked around the festival knitting. i bought this gizmo a few years ago at stitches, from the mannings. they call it a yarn keeper bracelet. of couse you could make your own, but, when you're a consumer at a knitting expo, it's all about instant gratification.

yarn bracelet 2

that's my supersocke 100 100 gr. ball of fun colors! i found this at northeast fiber arts center in williston, vt. what a great yarn store! they had lots of yarns that are not in my LYS, plus a great book & pattern selection --- and the store was very big. i started to knit a swatch for my future socks on my return flight. i think i like the fabric better with zeros, but that's a lot of stitches to cast on! (sock whimp) i want to do something different --- maybe toe up, or something from the lucy neatby sock book.

supersocke 100 swatch

i've been having fun with my photo software ...

the other finished knitting is my fingerless mitts from the green mountain spinnery. i bought the pattern and yarn at the wool festival, and finished weaving in the ends before boarding my return flight.

green mtn. spinnery mitts

by the way, that's how you wind yarn when you don't have a nostepinne (a wooden ball winder stick gizmo), you use the toilet paper roll's cardboard core. pretty fancy, don't you think? i actually contemplated bringing my ball winder. but no! luggage space was too valuable, i needed room for possible purchases.

green mtn. spinnery mitts blocked

green mtn. spinnery mitts upclose

the yarn is called sylvan spirit by the spinnery, a wool & tencel blend. right now, it's blocked and drying (hopefully) near an open window. it definitely smells like wet wool though.

i'm glad i finished the mitts before coming home, as now i feel a bit free to get into some of my other yarn purchases ... the pretty socks, yes, though i'm a bit stalled trying to figure out what construction i want to use. but i also have a no-brainer project -- a big wrappy thing with this wonderful boucle mohair from mohair in motion. it's a cast-on-and-knit-until-you-run-out-of-yarn project, all 625 yards of it!

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