Monday, October 03, 2005

so long sheep!

yesterday was the last day of the wool festival. this was my first one, and it was a good introduction to these kinds of venues. this one is small in comparison to others such as the one in maryland or even rhinebeck. one of the vendors described rhinebeck to me as, "look at how many vendors are in this space, imagine it packed and there's 10 more barns just like it!" eeks! i don't know how you navigate such a large event. i think i would be overwhelmed with stuff. i saw some beautiful spinning wheels and other handcrafted tools of the trade. there were plenty of goodies i could come home with, but, i don't have a bottomless yarn/tool/accessory budget. after i get back home, i will post pictures (of course)! today we're just going to enjoy the community and weather.


pinky said...

You freak! You deleted my last comment! Unfair!

Thanks for coming with me to the Goat Rodeo: I had a great time and can't wait for our next jaunt, although I certainly have plenty of knitting to do before then. So do you, so if you need to "farm out" your orange silk, let me know.

p.s. I got home and there was an ACMoore coupon in my mail, just like you said there would be!

gray la gran said...

ooops. perhaps i was a little "trigger happy" !?
post it again if you like, i don't even know what it was ... or when i deleted it. maybe it was the wine that deleted it ;) bad wine! (i mean, yummy wine)