Saturday, October 15, 2005

oooooh, look at this!

i got back in my saddle last night, after the fiasco w/the wrong size needles, and actually completed an entire repeat! it's highly addictive. i wanted to stop and take a photo, but just couldn't stop --- it had to be goal oriented. i'll stop when i get to the next repeat! so, i kept knitting ....

2005-10-15 backyard leaves scarf 003

2005-10-15 backyard leaves scarf 006

i love the feel and twist of the yarn, and it has great stitch definition. see the green marker? that was suggested by ms.pinky, and a great help it has been to keep a marker there (it corresponds with the green 'divider' line on the pattern's chart). i don't know if there is a suggestion in the pattern itself that says to use a marker, because, i'm guilty of not exactly reading all the pattern instructions. yes, i know, haphazard. ms. pinky and i had a rendezvous last night, for a late night veggie burger (with bacon) and a beer --- she knitted some on her backyard leaves scarf. i stared at her in disbelief! no! how can she talk and knit this pattern? i certainly can't. i didn't even bother bringing it along, because i know better. i'm the queen of messing things up in social situations. it's two steps/rows forward, three steps/rows back for me.

because of this unforeseen addiction, i've yet to cast off my toe up sock, much less start the dreaded mate.

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Terhi said...

Oh no. I must start that scarf now, like this minute. It's beautiful, and I really like the colour you've chosen!