Saturday, October 01, 2005

i kissed a llama

yes, really! it was soooo cute, long lush lashes, a fuzzy nose .... and i pet an angora bunny, and i supported some farms by purchasing lovely yarns :)
i'm "reporting" from vermont, the vermont wool & sheep festival, or as pinky and i like to call it, the goat rodeo . the first joy was having a sheep stamped on my hand incase i needed reentry. we, ever soooo slooooowly, made our way around to all the vendors. oh, so much yummy yarn! of course, i can't get it all. but i did manage to choose some aubergine boucle mohair, a gianormous hank of silk/merino fingering wt., and some heathered gray lace wt. i decided i need to go to rhinebeck next year, but i need to learn to spin on a wheel before then! and when i got hungry, i walked up to the food vendors and ordered a lamb burger. i was just joking, but they really were serving them, so, i ate lambchop. yum!

we were a litte "bad" before going to the exposition, as we stopped at kaliedoscope yarns on the way first, and i bought two hanks of koigu. some of use were more bad though. i "needed" the koigu, as my LYS is almost out of the yarn, and who knows when they'll get more in.

we've been super lucky with the weather --- clear skies, not too warm, and dry. it's absolutely beautiful here -- i love being able to see mountains in all directions.


Anonymous said...

Agent Grey,
I heard a nasty rumour that your LYS will not be stocking Koigu anymore. (sob) Could this be true?

gray la gran said...

oooh! i don't know if it's true! i haven't heard that rumor !

Anonymous said...

Goat Rodeo huh... ;) Good to know the term is still alive long after the website died... -Engelfish