Monday, October 31, 2005

knitting the green bunny!

it's a fluffy bunny! or, it's at least angora. i have committed to something! i'm going to knit a sweater. and it's going to fit. i bought this yarn over the summer on a trip up in virginia. it's elsebeth lavold's angora, 80% angora, 20% wool. and, it's the most amazing shade of icky green :) i'd say, fairly goblinesque.

lara yarn pile

after fiddling with some different size needles, i settled on 7's. they're green too!

lara ribs

oh, i forgot to mention, this is the sweater i've committed to ... it's debbie bliss's "lara" from her _alpaca silk_ book. i've been thinking about making it for some time now, and just got the urge to cast on today. (read: i haven't finished my backyard leaves scarf or twisty scarf ... but, i'm almost finished! so, i guess i felt free to cast on for something new, since i almost have two FO's on the horizon.)

and now that it's official, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

halloween bats

halloween mom & dad

that's mom & dad


D.K. said...

I HEART that sweater :)

Becky said...

Oh my goodness...that photo of Mom and Dad in those costumes is the FUNNIEST I will see this year, I know it. PRICELESS!