Tuesday, August 23, 2005

the BIG swatch unraveling

this is a disaster an opportunity to do the provisional cast on i mentioned before! perhaps i loosened up a bit after getting into my rhythm, but after "blocking" (with the iron), the foot of my sock looked suspiciously looooong. eeks!!! i measured from the heel to end of foot, and it was already getting close to my foot length, which would leave me with a 1" toe. not good ... as 'olive landlord' would say, "rats on a stick!".

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pinky said...

So... save me the time of reading the pattern and tell me: is this pattern really "all that"? Is the novelty of having vertical stripes worth the trouble of not making the usual endless spiral of knitting that is the Traditional Sock?

gray la gran said...

dearest pinky,
my last sock was the Traditional Sock. it's time for something different. maybe the fit will be horrible, and they will be banished to being 'bed socks'! but, in the meantime, they will entertain me with a new process. (besides, i'm all about the vertical striping!!!!)
much love,