Monday, August 08, 2005

sewing, knitting, and crochet, OH MY!

i finished the orange dress last week. i wore it to work, and it worked its strange magic, and i left work with some orangy yarn. (scroll down, you'll see how weak i am against my dresses.) i'm not complaining, and it's not the first time that has happened.

i sewed the butterfly dress yesterday. it was fairly quick, (you see, i've made at least 10 of these slip dresses, different fabrics, solids and prints).

and the crochet shawl is complete! ferengi and all! i thought about modeling it, but i don't have anything solid to wear to really show it off, so i just draped it over the floral dress.

this is what i mean when i was influenced by my orange dress. maybe i was influenced by my crochet too. but, this is knitted. it's from rebecca #29 --- a holey tank. i think it's very cute, and i will likely have to sew something to wear with it!

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pinky said...

oooh i like the rebecca tank. nice stitch pattern.