Friday, August 19, 2005

happy feet

yes! i FINISHED! and my feet are very HAPPY. see how happy they look basking in the evening sun? perhaps i'll post a more "formal" picture later. maybe not (i forget to do things, sometimes).
so, i am free to start a new project --- and, i want to make another pair of socks (see, i have lots of sock yarn. i hoard it. when i travel, and visit a yarnshop, often times i at least get some sock yarn as a momento). but, which yarn will i knit? which pattern?!

on another horizion, i've started a capelet lacey thingy. i really liked a pattern i saw, but then, i decided to change it. i often create more work for myself. so, i'm knitting a diagonal mesh pattern, which needs total concentration. and, if it works out, and i have enough yarn, i will have a little do-dad to wear to extend my summer wardrobe into the fall.


agent mother goose said...

great color! still waiting for my socks....happy feet needed.

Chris said...

Forget teh formal picture... I like this one a lot!

gray la gran said...

thanks chris!