Tuesday, August 30, 2005

i finished, and .... it fits :)

yes! another finished object under the belt ... the rebecca holey tank!

rebecca 5

this is knitted with 2+ skeins of brown sheep cotton fleece, and i would knit with this yarn again. it held up great, inspite of my constant ripping and reknitting. i decided to finish my armhole and neck edges with 'crab stitch' (that's a backwards single crochet). i had left my center neck stitches on holders, to pick up later and knit the edging as the pattern described. i tried to crab stitch the free loops, and it looked awful, so i ended up binding off those stitches.

rebecca detail 2

rebecca detail

so, what's my reward? (i'm motivated by what's next?!)
of course i have my racy red rowan sweater to work on, and my sideways sock, and my stocking, and the phoebe capelet ... but, i want to cast on for something new!

justin's view

ps. my nephew likes this view of my sweater :)


joy said...

That's such a pretty stitch pattern, and the close up photos are great! Are those Star Wars figures Lego? I think my husband would like those! :D

li said...

looks great! your neck shaping looks soooo much better than mine does. i also hope it gets much more wear than mine has ;)