Monday, August 01, 2005

mr. crumbles and his new toy

i think it's a 749R. all i know it's red (and a ducati). and pretty. almost as pretty as my 'racy red' rowan ribbon twist yarn. i just needed to share this because he called over an hour ago, to let me know he'd stopped by a friend's house. the friend lives miles and miles away. (not some place you just happen to be in the neighborhood). then he called and said he was leaving, on his way home. an hour and 15 mins. pass, he's not home. another phone call, he stopped at another friend's house. ho-hum. i guess this is the show off tour. so, just to save him the miles and minutes, i'm posting this baby on the internet! now ANYONE can see it! aren't i sweet and thoughful? zooooom!

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devilkitty said...

You'll have to talk to agent schmutzi about knitting on the back of a m'cycle ;) vroom vroom!