Thursday, August 18, 2005

wee hour knitting

i can't call myself the 'midnight knitter', because there already is one in blogland, and, i didn't start knitting on the gusset until 4:30 am.
there's something to be said about wee hour knitting --- it may not be the best idea in the world. mistakes! mistakes galore! oh well, it's just a sock.
i knitted my heel flap earlier in the evening, turned the heel (at which i noticed that i had one stitch less than the pattern said i would. don't ask where i lost it)(i'm sure it's a mistake in the pattern), and picked up my gusset stitches. partway through the decreases, i noticed a stitch under the heel that felt extra knobby. so, i dropped down about 12 rows and fixed it (normally, i would not fix it, but it was right under the heel, and i knew i would feel it or think about it all the time whenever i wear the sock). when i got to the point of finishing my gusset decreases, i noticed that i still had a couple of more stitches to decrease on one side than the other. oops. i just continued round and round, and decreased the extra stitches on one side.
i'm now on the homestretch! it's all foot & toe from here on out ....
i think i'm sleepy now.

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