Wednesday, August 03, 2005

crochet ferengi

i've finally decided on what i'm going to put on the ends of my crochet cashcotton shawl ---- corkscrew ferengi! i tried the ferengi, (as you can see in the picture) in several different configurations, and finally settled on the long and wispy look. the first two versions, on the left, are tradtional corkscrew, ..... chain X number of stitches, then work back with single or double crochet, three in each chain stitch. but, the corkscrew was too compact. so then i tried it with just two in each chain. still, kinda compact. then, i alternated ones and twos, .... tah dah! i think i will do this along the ends, but different lengths to keep it interesting.
this gives me the green light on finishing. i will work the wispy corkscrews on the cast on edge first, then continue crocheting the shawl on the other end a bit longer, before putting the corkscrews on the other end! i'm EXCITED! it's going to be very pretty. i have a silk rose pin i want to wear with this (i took the pin to work with me this morning, didn't put it on at home. bad idea. so, i drive to work with it in my lap, and forget it's there. as i'm getting out of my truck, i put my left foot down on the parking lot asphalt and feel some resistance ---- OOOPS --- there's a silk rose pin under my foot. it survived. maybe i'm not silk rose pin worthy?).
i also have made some good progress on my sock. i'm on the foot. this will get put aside as i finish my shawl though. one thing at a time. i've already had some 2nd sock anxiety too. do i want to knit the same stitch pattern again, or something different? maybe it can be a lesson in discipline.


Terhi said...

Oh, I just now realized that agent gray is haphazard knitter! Thanks for commenting in my blog. :-) I really like your blog, and feel a bit ashamed that I haven't commented before.

Your shawl is going to be gorgeous, those corkscrews look lovely!

Anonymous said...

Okalie dokalie... welcome to blogging-world. Glad you could make it! - Chris

pinky said...

Good call on the corkscrews! You deserve a cocktail!