Tuesday, August 09, 2005

knitting along on rebecca holey tank

rebecca 2i got some quality knitting time in last night, watching my dad's dive video. i was (sometimes) paying more attention to the stingrays than my repeats, so i ended up frogging about 8 rows.

i made some adjustments on the pattern. i eliminated the yo's next to the edge stitch, and i'm doing the larger mesh vs. the more condensed mesh at the hem. my sweater is not looking as "holey", but that's probably due to the yarn substitution. i'm using brown sheep's cotton fleece (80% cotton 20% wool), vs. the ggh safari. safari is 78% linen and 22% polyamide. either that's the reason for my holes seeming more closed up, or the photo stylist went back and opened up all the holes with a size 15 needle! cheaters!

rebecca swatch 2
i did "keep" the bottom edge the same though -- one row of 1x1 ribbing. it has a nice finished and uncurled look. i "blocked" it quickly on the ironing board. it's going to fit, so i'll keep knitting.

by the way. i just started this last night, and i now have about 9" knitted. but, it doesn't look like i'm really getting any farther. kinda like reciprocity failure.

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Wendy said...

I'm thinking your substitute yarn will make a more wearable finished item! It is gorgeous...