Saturday, August 20, 2005

what's new?

here's the obligatory formal shot of my finished socks. a little song from 'sesame street' is bouncing around my head .... something here is not like the other. though i knitted sock #2 with the same needles, it seems a bit more 'firm'. this is mostly in the leg portion, i think the feet are the same.

i saw this capelet in the spring '05 issue of interweave knits. it's knitted with a yarn called 'phoebe', super soft baby alpaca. though i really like it, i decided for some reason that i would prefer a different stitch pattern. i found one called 'diagonal openwork'. i think i may have overstretched my fabric when quickly blocking on the ironing board .... so, i may have to eventually toss it into the dryer (yes, i have done this before).

i've had multiple false starts with this stitch pattern. it's a 8 row and 4 stitch repeat, but each right side row begins and ends differently. i finally devised a way to keep track of which row i'm on by making this little chart. when i'm on row 34, i work it as row 2. i'm using my kacha to keep count. the knitted sample is 30 sts. x 32 rows., and it's about 8" in length so far (blocked).

and lastly, this is my sheila ring. isn't it pretty? (thanks sheila!)


Anonymous said...

those pretty socks are actually a mens size 10.5....socks should not be worn so baggy should they?

gray la gran said...

if "anonymous" had not been such a bad steward of handknitted socks in the past, they might be a mens 10.5. instead, they're MY perfect socks!!!