Wednesday, August 24, 2005

the state of things

i'm much further along on the the sideways sock. i actually started part II of the heel, so, i'm almost finished with the sock. but wait! there's still a toe to knit, after i graph the entire length of the sock together. but, i'm not liking my increases on the heel on this 1/2, so, i will likely rip it out, and begin that shaping again.
i also pinned my holey rebecca tank together. i stood in the bathroom, gazed into the bathroom mirror, and decided that i want the body about 3" longer, and the armhole shaping to not cut in as much --- to have the shaping more like a shell vs. a tank. so, i'll have to rip both pieces back to the armholes and knit up another few inches, before shaping (again). it's okay though. it won't take too much time, and i will like the fit better.
the phoebe capelet is on hold. only because i've been into the sideways sock. i will knit it until i almost use up ball #3, and then block, pin it together to try on, and maybe have to rip out some rows .... piece of cake!
and, i still dream of knitting a long sleeve cardigan of some sorts --- something to take to vermont at the end of september.

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