Friday, August 05, 2005

trying to finish things

i'm trying my best to finish things, so i can "reward" myself with starting a new project with poor yarn waiting in the wings. this is the sock i started on the roadtrip --- i got a lot of initial knitting accomplished at the motorcycle store, but have been slowly grinding along since. at first, it as fun! new project, beautiful yarn, cool socks! now, the honeymoon is over .... i'm almost finished with sock #1, but, then i have to face the dread *mate*. UGH. i use to knit a lot of socks. and i love wearing handknit socks. i love having the socks, but i think this makes me realize i'm more of a process person vs. finished product person.

oh, what a shawl COULD be, and what it IS! either way, i do love it. i am not finished, but on the homestretch (there's still a ball of yarn attached to the other end, still crocheting mesh). i spent some time last night, at knit night, working on the ferengi. i noticed during the photo shoot that i crocheted two ferengi in the same eyelet. oops. am i going to rip it out and fix it? NOPE! it's just a reminder that pie, cosmos, and crochet may not mix very well ... though all delicious on their own.

and here's some lovely spots of color and light. i came home to visit with my mom for the weekend, and she surprised me with a "prize". i LOVE PRIZES! (and bugs, remember?) these are my new dragonfly lights. there's 10 of them strung on a white powercord. though it's daylight now, they're glowing brightly :)

i also finished one of my cotton dresses yesterday morning. i sewed up the orangy flower fabric. i hope to get to the soft butterfly fabric while i'm home visiting, and then, maybe even cut out the black & white bug fabric. i always bring too much to do when i visit. i guess it's wishful thinking that i'm actuallly on a crafty getaway weekend. maybe i am? maybe i will get mom to swatch her crochet socks! (hint hint)

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