Wednesday, August 10, 2005

stalled knitting

i always seem to stall when it comes to finishing a sock. it's the toe thing. i like my socks to fit perfect, and if i start the toe too soon or too late, i'm just going to end up ripping it out and doing it over. so, i guess the sock is perfect as it is now :) yes! i am the lazy knitter!
then, it gets worse, because this is ONLY sock #1.

i'm also "stalled" on my holey rebecca tank. i'm not making it as long as the pattern calls for, but haven't decided yet how long the body should be before the armhole shaping. did i also mention i'm stalled on orangina because i don't know how long i want the body before the ribbing? geeeez! someone take away my needles!

11:10 pm, ... okay, not too stalled .... i got slightly past the armhole shaping. i paged through my collection of patterns, seeing what's the average side length for tank tops, and decided my 32 cm was enough. (no, i don't usually work in metric, but the pattern is german, written in metric, and i forgot the # of inches) so, at that point, i followed instructions for armhole decreases, and will have to do some math later to figure out the next step. so, ... stalled again?! the hesitant knitter ....

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