Monday, August 15, 2005

it's looking like a tank top!

this is the shoulder shaping for the back right of my rebecca holey tank. i have a little bit of yarn left from this first skein of cotton fleece, and i have my fingers crossed that it's enough to bind off the middle stitches and complete the shaping on the other side.

i've also made some progress on the front side! now, this i know will take less than a skein of yarn because the neck shaping starts lower than it did for the backside. i'm dying to find out if this will end up being a two skein project. it sure would be nice to have just enough yarn vs. my usual 'oops i ran out' or i had to use '1 yd.' from a new ball!

and, i finally cast on for sock #2! i haven't made it very far, but at least it's started.

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