Sunday, August 07, 2005

sunday afternoon

i am sewing today. i'm working on the butterfly fabric dress, and going to make some pj bottoms with some owl printed fabric, and maybe tackle the asian handbag i started loooong ago. maybe. or, i might knit a OSW for the butterfly dress. but, this is all an excuse to show you this! i learned this silly cool trick by looking at someone else's html on their blog.
in other fiber news, i finished my purple crochet shawl. it is longer than the pattern says, but, that's okay by me. i have woven in all the ends and finished the corkscrews on both ends. i just need something to wear with it now, and to take some pictures.


devilkitty said...

Hope you had fun w/your Mom sans kiddies! Where did she get the buggy lights? -- so cool :)

gray la gran said...

p.s. devil kitty --- mom says the lights came from "kohl's".