Sunday, August 21, 2005

more socks and swatches

as a reward for finishing my socks, i'm starting another pair. but, i wanted to do something different, so i'm knitting these sideways, from a translated pattern from 'opal'. my sock yarn is regia cotton. i have swatched, though i have not measured yet. i figure i'm going to have to do some adjusting, as the pattern is written for a size 7-8, which, i am not. a lot of times, i don't bother swatching for socks, but, i do want this one to fit! the good thing is that the toe is knitted last, after the body is graphed together, so i can make minute adjustments on length when i get to the toe, if needed.

opal socks

i also made, and unmade, some progress with my capelet. after 'overblocking' my first attempt, i decided that my edges looked kinda weak, ... ratty. so, i added a selvedge stitch to the edges, and knitted a row before starting the eyelets at the cast-on.

blocked phoebe

this time, i blocked gently on the ironing board, and i'm much happier with the results. this is one ball of 3 knitted, and it measures 10.5" x 15.5" blocked. WAAAAAAAY better!

now, what NOT is good is the new fall/winter rebecca. boo! this is my initial reaction. i'm hoping, by the time i finish my bottle of wine, that i will see things differently!

i do like the wrap sweater, though it is all in stockinette. funny how the magazine dedicated such a small strip to this design, and gave full pages to pirate warrior princesses on the beach! (no photo, sorry)(didn't have the patience)(you're NOT missing anything).

so, it's time to measure the sock yarn swatch, and play with some math, or knit on ball #2 of the phoebe yarn for my capelet, or, start a bamboo tanky-toppy! (i have some 'tequilla')! why am i thinking about knitting a summer item when fall is on its way? it was 101* today. and, i'm sometimes late with things.

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